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Hot Water

Water heating systems are not DIY jobs. No matter how simple it seems, right from installation to troubleshoot require the specialized knowledge and expertise of a professional. Ajwires serves the areas of Artarmon, Clontarf and Brookvale with a host of electric hot water electrical engineering Brookvale services helping homeowners solve issues in just minutes. Over the years, we have made sure that you enjoy a fully functional water heating pump in your house through all seasons and the peace of mind that comes with it, all at peanut prices.

Services We Offer

When it comes to hot water systems in homes and offices, we understand the complications of the technology. Water heating systems is an intricate blend of plumbing and electronics. It requires just an electrical contractor or a plumber to restore a heating system. So, we list up these electrician hot water Artarmon services to offer a complete support for our clients.

  • We repair all sorts of electric, gas and solar-powered water heating systems.
  • We handle Edson, Dux, Bosch and Vulcan water systems.
  • We install new heating systems.
  • We set the wiring and plumbing systems of a heater pump.
  • We work with both indoor and outdoor systems.
  • We replace thermostats and other parts of water heating appliances.
  • We have an inventory of heating systems and their spare parts.
  • We service water heaters from time to time.
  • We also repair and maintain hot water tanks.
  • We fix all issues related to the plumbing system of the heaters.
  • We also install electric wall controls for water heating systems.

Hot Water Heaters We Fix

Ajwires offers all the aforementioned electrician hot water Clontarf services for all kinds of water heaters used in homes and commercial properties. Though we started off with only the first two types, eventually as new models landed in the market, we worked our skillset upto include them into our service list.

  • Conventional water heaters:  The conventional heaters are the ones that run on gas or electricity and work by maintaining a certain temperature of water. These heaters supply the faucets with hot and cold water through pipelines.
  • Tankless Heaters: These systems are the manufacturers’ attempt at making conventional water heaters more energy-efficient. These ones heat water as and when needed. So, as soon as the faucets are run, the heaters get turned on and start rising the water temperature. They are more compact and require less space as they are not attached to a tank.
  • Solar Heaters: These ones made a rather late entry into the market on the wake of environment saving initiatives. They run on solar heat and energy. We service both the active and passive solar heaters.
  • Hybrid Heat Pumps: It borrows from the conventional water heaters in its tank storage and from environment-friendly models in its heat absorption from air. These heating pumps are known to slash off the cost of water heating by over 60%.

What Makes Us a Premier Provider?

  • 25 years of experience
  • 5 years guarantee coverage on all our services and supplies
  • Timely arrival or a free of charge service hour
  • Competitive pricing
  • A specialized team of electricians as well as plumbers
  • 12 months replacement warranty on thermostats
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Only registered servicemen

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