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Daikin Air Conditioning

It is just impossible to live through the summers of Australia without a proper air conditioning system to keep the indoors cool and breezy. Though the market has a good number of options for both commercial as well as residential properties, only a few are reviewed and recommended by the experts. Of all the companies and brands that have come to earn the trust of the nationwide customers through their consistent production of high-performing air-conditioning units, Daikin is one. AjWires inventory has some of the most efficient Daikin air conditioning Northern Beaches units.

Since, Ajwires primarily is an electric contractor company, it also offers after-sales support services for the Daikin units it offers and those it doesn’t.

About Daikin

Daikin is a Japanese venture that stepped into the world of heating and cooling systems in the year 1950 with its first ACs and heating pumps. The company launched its first multi-split air conditioning system ten years later, in 1960. As the company continued to cultivate innovation, bringing to life new technologies that smiled upon the global mechanisms of air conditioning, it released VRV in the year 1982. Currently one of the market leaders in its niche, the company has its headquarters in Osaka and branches in Saudi Arabia and Africa. The company has a massive market in Europe in particular and is slowly heading to monopolize the sector of HVAC units in the global market.

Why Should You Consider Buying a Daikin AC SYSTEM?

Our decisions to buy a household appliance is always based on the brand image of the manufacturers. Here is why we think you should consider giving Daikin machines the benefit of preference over others.

  • Daikin has a worldwide presence, particularly by the high reputation of its AC systems.
  • The organization has always been committed to comfort and wellbeing of its customers.
  • It has an upper hand among its competitors when it comes to environment responsibilities.
  • Its twin pillars are quality and innovation.

Daikin Air Conditioners

There is a reason why some chosen machines of a select few brands make it to our inventory. Daikin manufactures air conditioning systems for both homes and offices, of both ducted and ductless kinds. Here are some features that you will enjoy with most models of Daikin air conditioning Brookvale systems.

  • Adjustable swing speed
  • Variable compressor scrolls
  • Sensors for smart diagnosis
  • Quiet operation, thanks to compressor sound blanket and other noise reduction features
  • Dual speed fan motor
  • Efficient cooling
  • Energy-wise compressor
  • Easy installation
  • Long warranty coverage
  • Consistent performance
  • Good value for money.

After Sales Support

Our services extend beyond bringing to you the best model of Daikin air conditioning Mosman for your property. Take a look at the aftercare solutions we offer for Daikin machines:

  • We repair all old and new models of Daikin ACs.
  • We service Daikin AC units for a better and longer performance.
  • We install units that are bought from other dealers.
  • We change filters, clean cooling fans and do other maintenance works.
  • We keep a full stock of Daikin AC spare parts for replacement orders.

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